Three bylaws passed fourth and final reading last week at Valemount Council meeting, with one more bylaw passing third reading. A number of policy updates were also considered, but have been deferred to the next meeting.

Animal Bylaw No. 700, 2013 and Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 702, 2013 were both updated to refer to two recently passed bylaws, the Fees and Charges Bylaw and the Bylaw Notice Enforcement and Dispute Adjudication System Bylaw.

The Temporary Street Vendor Bylaw No. 705, 2013 also passed fourth and final reading, after a recommendation from the new Advisory Planning Commission that its expiry be extended to December 31, 2013. The Advisory Planning Commission (a citizen planning body) is currently debating updates to the bylaw, and will submit its recommendations to Council before the temporary bylaw expires.

The Tax Exempt Property Bylaw No. 704, 2013 has passed third reading, and if it passes fourth and final reading, will be in effect only for the 2014 taxation year. This draft of the bylaw includes two additional properties not listed on the first and second reading drafts. The Valemount Fire Department and Valemount Arena are owned by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, and as such have been tax-exempt, but have been included in the bylaw on advice from BC Assessment to avoid confusion regarding future assessments and taxation.

A number of policy updates were also considered on the agenda, including repealing Policy #13, Administrative Procedures Signs of Village Property, which is now covered within the Sign Bylaw, and Policy #47, Curbside Garbage Can Limit, which is now addressed within the Solid Waste Collection Bylaw. The repeal and replacement of policies regarding staff leave of absences, holiday pay, and pay for training were also considered. All repeals and updates have been deferred to the next Council meeting.

By: Korie Marshall