By Andrea Arnold

Valemount council recently passed a motion giving first and second reading to a bylaw amendment that would allow all Council members to attend meetings electronically, with some conditions. The previous bylaw limited electronic attendance to one person, except in the case of a health, environmental or safety emergency. Also, the person chairing was not able to do so electronically.

“During the BC Provincial State of Emergency due to COVID-19, municipal and regional governments were granted the authority to hold electronic meetings, including participation of members during in-camera sessions closed to the public,” said Valemount Mayor Owen Torgerson. 

With the adapted bylaw approved, all members of Council or a committee could attend virtually as long as the public is provided with a venue they may attend to hear, or watch and hear the proceedings.

In the case of a closed meeting, members may only participate electronically because of a health, environmental or safety emergency.

Valemount Village CAO Eric Depenau says this amendment allows for better use of electronic meetings and is compliant with the Community Charter.