By Andrea Arnold

Public Hearing
Mayor Owen Torgerson began the meeting on May 11 with a public hearing to address two matters. Councillors Blanchette, Gee, MacLean and Pearson were all in attendance.

Street Vendor hearing
The first public hearing item was street vendor permit 08-21, alternative location application. The application sought permission for the Funky Goat Eatery to operate for up to three years, seven days a week from 7:00am-11:00pm at 1170 5th Ave (between the Rocky Mountain Goat office and the Three Ranges Brewery). Legally described as Lot 2, DL 9778, Cariboo District Plan PGP35390. The applicant requested to continue with the previously held agreement.

With no questions, comments or concerns voiced from the public or the council members, they moved onto the second item.

OCP hearing
The second public hearing item was the Village of Valemount Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw 843, 2021. An overview was provided by Krista Etty, Land Use Planner. The plan addresses many of the concerns brought forward by the community through bylaw changes, land use flexibility, job creating and parking strategies (to name a few). A letter from John Grogan was read by Etty voicing concern that the issues addressed are not the ones that should be the Village’s focus at this time.

MVH Urban Planning & Design was contracted to work alongside the village to create the plan. Michael von Hausen, president of MVH spoke on behalf of their team. He expressed thanks to everyone that worked with them throughout the process. He stated that they appreciated the thoughtfulness of the letter and that they worked hard to hear input from the community. He also referred to the OCP as the key guiding document.

“The structure of the OCP and how it was scribed was to actively provide an opportunity for the community and staff and council to now shape the future,” said von Hausen. “So the game isn’t over, the game is just starting in terms of shaping your promising future.”

Upon receiving no further feedback on the topic, Mayor Torgerson moved on to adjourn the public hearing portion and to call the regular meeting to order.

Seniors Housing resolution
Council Pearson recused himself from the first motion as an executive on the Senior Citizens Housing Society. The motion to rescind resolution #108/21 – the recommendation that the Society receives $86,775.00 for their project Valemount Cares – Phase 1. The corrected recommendation named the project as Phase 2, and Council passed the motion.

Grad banners
Council passed a motion directing staff to work with Valemount Secondary School in regards to the displaying of the graduate banners on 5th Avenue.

Crisis line feedback
A motion was generated by Councillor Pearson in regards to the 988 Crisis Line Response item in the reading file. Council passed the motion to respond in order to voice discontent that the CRTC can deny the project before it gets to the table.

Building permit report
Council passed the motion to receive the building inspection report, the permit values for January-April 2021. The estimated construction values for the three-month period was $436,000. Permit fees collected totalled $3,332.

SCADA upgrades
Council passed the motion approving sole sourcing the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) upgrades to ICI Electrical Engineering Ltd. in the amount of $17,750.

Seal coating
Council passed the motion directing staff to negotiate a contract with Northwest Sealcoating Company in the amount of $174,240 plus taxes for the purpose of seal coating Main Street. Council further moved to authorize staff to negotiate a contract with the same company in the amount of $204,780 plus taxes for the purpose of the optional items and contingencies IF required.

SAO appointment
Council passed the motion to appoint CAO, Wayne Robinson as the Statutory Appointing Officer (SAO) for minor subdivisions effective May 12, 2021.

RVCS development permit
Councillors Blanchette and Gee recused themselves due to their connections with Robson Valley Community Services prior to the next item. Council passed the motion giving initial approval to Development Permit 21-01 at the property legally described as Lot A District Lot 7354 Plan PGP32327 for the development of a mixed use building with a variance to permit the following: 1 – Increase building height to 12.8 metres, and 2 – Decrease minimum parking requirements to 19 spaces. Although some concern was voiced around the parking situation and snow removal, the motion passed.

A discussion will be had with the applicant regarding the concerns.

Street vendor application
Council passed the motion giving final approval for the Funky Goat to continue operations at its current location of 1170- 5th Ave, for up to three years. Mayor Torgerson commented that the eatery had been missed in 2020, and the other members of council agreed.

Council passed the motion to adopt both the Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 841,2021 and the Village of Valemount Tax Rate Bylaw 845, 2021 as presented.

Council passed the motion giving the Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 843,2021 third and fourth readings.

Council passed the motion giving Valemount Street Vendor Bylaw No 713, 2014, Amendment Bylaw No. 844, 2021, be given 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reading.

Council moved to receive the verbal reports given by Councillors.

With no public comments to be responded to, Mayor Torgerson adjourned the meeting.