Dear RMG,

As you may be aware the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) is planning to close its branch in McBride, BC. This is McBride’s only bank. Once the bank closes there is no other banking institution immediately available.
It is suggested by BNS that their bank customers travel a minimum of five hours (minimum 2 hours each way plus parking and bank time) to the next closest branch in Prince George, BC. This is an absurd suggestion.

The decision to close the McBride branch apparently was made by a BNS District Manager who lives in a city that has a BNS branches every 10 blocks, where if one branch is closed a customer just goes a couple blocks and a few minutes down the street to another branch, not five hours minimum away, absurd.

The BNS should not be allowed to carry through with this closure without hearing from its customers. The closure is a local economic development failure on the community’s administration’s watch. It should not be accepted as “oh well it is the way it is.” NO, it does not have to be so and letters along with a major effort to reject this BNS suggest be initiated through the communities administration and Economic development supported by the community residents.

Rejection of the bank closure can be expressed through writing of letters and on BNS social media sites such as facebook or X (formerly twitter) expressing thoughts in regard to this matter.

Joe Public