letter to the editor

Dear Roy Howard,

Thank you for your email regarding the consolidation of our McBride branch. We understand the importance of our branch to your community, and your disappointment with our decision. Rest assured, this was not an easy decision for us, but one necessitated by the rapidly changing banking landscape in Canada.

With customer preferences changing, and more day-to-day banking being done digitally, we are continuing to evolve how we serve our customers and invest in areas that make it easier for our customers to bank with us from wherever they are. Customers have a great demand for convenience and are increasingly choosing to do their banking online and using mobile devices. For more details on how to Bank Your Way, please visit Scotiabank.com.

We regularly evaluate our branch network and make changes to meet changing customer needs. In some cases we have made the difficult decision to consolidate branches. We are committed to treating our employees fairly and making sure that our customers continue to be served by staff they trust.

We very much value the customers and community of McBride and though our footprint in the region is changing, our commitment to helping our customers remains. We recognize that the branch consolidation will be difficult for some of our customers, and we are committed to assisting them throughout the transition.


Naycka M.
Assistant Manager