What a surprise to learn that our little village of McBride is losing its only bank!

There could be some serious repercussions from this move. Without a local bank, not only will it be more difficult for individuals to pay bills, cash cheques, withdraw cash, and sundry other banking tasks, but it will also be more difficult for businesses to engage in ordinary commerce. How will they make regular cash deposits? Will this obstacle cause them to refuse customers’ perfectly legal tender, i.e. cash, in the purchase of goods and services? Are we being squeezed and pushed into using traceable, trackable forms of exchange? Is this another step leading us towards CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)? 

Integris Credit Union is currently exploring whether or not there would be a business case for them to open a branch in McBride. It is not a cut-and-dried deal and there are many considerations, not the least of which is that they are accountable to their existing membership in Prince George and other communities. 

We need to encourage the Credit Union to come here, not just by cheerleading for them to come, but by demonstrating our desire by doing business with them. Open an account, start banking there, renew your mortgage with them… do these things proactively rather than wait for them to open here first. These are just suggestions, but if we have NO bank, we will need to go long distance anyway. Integris will be more likely to come here if we put our money where our mouth is, and then it will NOT be long-distance.

Beware of enticements from the departing bank. They will want to keep our business, but why should we be loyal to them if they are not loyal to us?

Monika Schaefer

McBride, BC