Valemount Mayor Owen Torgerson (left), Krista Voth and Amanda Kemp from Roots of Care childcare centre joined Canada Post’s Christine Jones (Local Area Superintendent) and Sherri Bargy (Manager for North Central BC & Yukon), at the Valemount Post Office for a $2,800 cheque presentation from the Canada Post Community Foundation. /SPENCER HALL

By Andrea Arnold
Newly opened Roots of Life Child Care Centre in Valemount has been awarded a grant from Canada Post Community Foundation for $2,800 to go towards the creation of sensory spaces for children.
Krista Voth, manager of Roots of Care, and Amanda Kemp, Assistant Manager were on hand on Friday for the cheque presentation at Canada Post.

“The idea is that any child with any diverse learning ability, ADHD, Autism, or in a wheelchair, anything like that, when they come to the centre, they are able to be incorporated and included in every single activity that we are doing within the centre,” said Voth. “The supportive equipment that we are going to buy will help. They will be like fidget things, weighted stuffy toy animals, plasma cars, pressure suits and wiggle seats.”

Voth explained that there are always kids with identified needs. Sometimes due to lack of extra staff support or supplies like these ones that they will purchase, kids have to either have decreased time in the centre, or have to take time away from the activities to get out their extra energy and refocus. Through this money they will be able to provide these children with an item like a wiggle seat for example, these children will be able to sit in a circle and participate in the whole activity because they are able to also release some of their energy.

She also explained that a child does not have to have a diagnosis to have access to these support tools.

“Any child that is having a hard time focusing may benefit from something like a wiggle chair to help them participate in activities,” she said. “Often the age group that they have in the centre are young enough that a diagnosis has not occured yet.”

Roots of Care staff will work with parents, RVCS and professionals from PG to help identify and work through the process towards a diagnosis Voth said.

Sherri Bargy Canada Post Local Area Manager for North Central BC & Yukon provided an explanation of The Foundation.

“The Foundation has granted nearly $13.5 million to over 1,100 community projects since 2012, ” said Bargy. “This year, Canada Post has granted $1.2 million in grants 84 organizations Multiple grant processes, three different types – Signature Grants, Truth and Reconciliation Grants, and Project Grants.”

Christine Jones, local area superintendent for Canada Post said that throughout the year many locations collect funds throughout the year, through a variety of fundraising methods.

“It becomes an internal competition to meet goals,” said Jones.

Another way that funds are raised is through an employee engagement survey that is done by all the unionized and management employees across Canada Post. For every survey that is put in, Canada Post donates to Community Foundation.

“It’s really exciting to see it come into the communities,” said Jones. “It is really nice to see the efforts of these campaigns pay off.”