By Andrea Arnold

The Valemount Children’s Activity Society is excited to announce they have been picked as a prototype site for the universal child care initiative being tested across BC as a $10 a day ChildcareBC Centre.

“This means, childcare for one child is a maximum of $200 a month,” said manager Krista Voth. “Prior to this, the cost was $7/hour, or close to $1000 per month.”

The BC Government will be covering all of the operating costs for the daycare, wages, rent, and utilities. 

“If we want to add something like a sandbox, we have to cover the costs for that,” said Voth.

The daycare is licensed for 40 children and at this time, they are at capacity. If you would like to have a spot on the waitlist, you can contact their office at 250-566-4826.

The society was recently awarded a Legacy Award from the BC Government for 40 years of successful service to the community.