When parents continually complain that “the government” is the problem, the parents then should not be surprised when the next generation grows up to show complete disrespect for “the government” by breaking the laws with haughty attitudes such as, “I’ll show them who is the boss,” and then ending up incarcerated.
It is self-centered human nature to want to make over the government to suit personal interests. Example: From the book “Made in America” by author Bill Bryson: “As Emerson wrote to Carlyle in 1840: ‘We are all a little wild here with numberless projects of social reform. Not a reading man but has a draft of a new Community in his waistcoat pocket.'”
And being that most people believe in God, isn’t it strange that Grace itself is based on being thankful for the many blessings “¦ which is contrary to being thankless to the government on earth?

June Vandermark
McBride, BC