By Spencer Hall, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, RMG

The Village of Valemount says staff are researching the possibility of installing security cameras outside of the Centennial Park washrooms after the bathrooms were vandalized in early November.

Valemount CAO Anne Yanciw said the facilities were extensively damaged, with both toilets and the mirror in the bathroom on the right hand side needing to be replaced. The wall in the bathroom on the right is also in need of repair.

“On one side, vandals attempted to burn the toilet. It is damaged, but functional. On the other side, vandals jumped on the toilet causing stress fractures. They also scratched racist graffiti into the mirror and the wall,” Yanciw said.

The washroom on the left has since reopened, but the other remains closed for the foreseeable future,
Yanciw said the installation of a security camera would come with costs and would also require the Village to create a privacy management plan for the data it collects. She said research into costs is ongoing.

Media relations officer with the RCMP, Madonna Saunderson, said no suspects have been identified and the file has been concluded in absence of further evidence.

“Should new information come to light the investigation can be revisited at that time,” Saunderson said.