By Andrea Arnold

Public Hearing

The June 27th Valemount council meeting began with a public hearing regarding Street Vendor Permit 07-23. The permit application proposes 885 Cranberry Lake Road as the location for the Rocky Mountain Ice Cream Truck for three years. The requested location is next to the Subway.  The owner of the ice cream truck has received permission from the property owner prior to the presentation to council. There were no follow-up questions or comments forthcoming from members of the public, council or the applicant, so the public hearing was adjourned and the regular council meeting called to order.

Building inspection reports

Council moved to receive the Building Inspector Report for April and May 2023.

Estimated Construction Values – April

Building permits – $403,000

Plumbing permit – $4250

New Solid Fuel Appliances – $6000

Total -$413,250

This total reflects a new single family dwelling w/secondary suite and a minor alteration/repair

Permit fees collected – April

Building permits (2) – $2494

Plumbing permits (1) – $142

New solid fuel appliances (1) – $130

Total- $2766

Estimated construction values – May

Building permits – $10,355,000

Plumbing permits – $106,000

Total – $10,461,000

This total reflects a new 18-unit senior housing project, one new single family dwelling and one new accessory building.

Permit fees collected – May

Building permits (3) – $42,575

Plumbing permits (3) – $1399

Total – $43,974

Annual report

Council received the 2022 Annual Report. The focus of the report is on progress made on strategic priorities and multi-year objectives. The report has been available to the public, and no comments have been received.

Statement of Financial Information

Council approved the 2022 Statement of Financial Information. SOFI is an annual statement of financial information that is made public by June 30 each year and remains accessible for the following three years.

Fees waived

Both Councillors Donnie MacLean, and Hugo Mulyk recused themselves due to their involvement with the Valemount Senior Housing Society. Council approved the Society’s request to waive Development Cost Charges for the senior housing development at 1101 Ash Street in the amount of $35,298. Council also directed staff to refund the amount already paid.

Ice Cream truck location

Council granted final approval for the Rocky Mountain Ice Cream truck to operate at 885 Cranberry Lake Road for three years.

Canada Day funding

Council approved a grant in the amount of $450 to the Valemount Canada Day Committee for costs associated with Canada Day events, less any additional funds/donations received.

Cemetery Bylaw

Council gave third reading to Cemetery Bylaw No. 685, 2012 Amendment Bylaw No. 879, 2023 proposing an increase in the number of memorial markers permitted on a burial plot.

Manufactured Home Park bylaws

Council gave the Village of Valemount Manufactured Home Park regulations Bylaw 880, 2023 be given first and second reading. The bylaw was adopted in 1977 and has not had any amendments since. A submitted application to subdivide 202 Ash Street spurred a rewrite of the bylaw to update outdated regulations, remove zoning regulations and add them to the zoning bylaw and to change the name of Mobile Home Parks to Manufactured Home Park to permit mobile homes and modular homes within a home park.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Council also gave the Village of Valemount Zoning Bylaw No. 847, 2021 Amendment Bylaw No. 881, 2023 first and second reading. These amendments will move the topic of setbacks and buffer areas relating to parks into the zoning bylaw where they are better suited. The amendments will also rename the zone MHP – Manufactured Home Park.

In camera

Council moved to an in-camera meeting for consideration of two items per Section 90 (1) of the Community Charger to discuss matters related to (k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stage and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.