By Andrea Arnold

McBride Mayor Gene Runtz called the McBride council meeting to order at 7:07pm on June 27th.

Locum Home presentation 

Adrienne Kovac, founder of Locam Home Inc, presented details on what the organization does and what her hopes for growth are. Locam Home is a collection of accommodations that are made available through a AirBnB type online platform that are only available to those working in the medical field. Her hope is to provide communities, especially rural ones, with more short term accommodation options resulting in less shortages in medical services. 

Telling community history through art

Dannielle Alan presented a short summary on behalf of the Whistle Stop Gallery and asked for a letter of support for their grant submission to the New Horizons for Seniors Programs. The plan is that the funding will allow them to create a series of hand painted banners illustrating stories that have shaped McBride and the Robson Valley. Alan also explained that the hope is to create a document to go along with the banner so that people can look at the banners and read the stories that go along with them.

Train Station renovation funding

Council directed staff to submit a Stage 2 application to the Destination Development Fund for the Elevate McBride’s Historic Train Station project in the amount of $500,000. This additional money would go to provide additional parking for all kinds of wheeled transportation. Council also agreed to be responsible for the additional estimated project costs of $22,491.58, any cost overruns and all ineligible expenses. Council also agreed that the Village will support overall grant management.

Mosquito control

Council directed administration to reach out to a reputable pest control agency to inquire about presenting to council on nuisance mosquito control options for municipalities in BC.

Canada day plans 

Council directed Administration to respond to Linda Fry, confirming attendance of Mayor Runtz and Council to the 2023 Canada celebrations. Council also approved a $350 Grant-in-aid to McBride and District Chamber of Commerce to support the Canada Day celebrations.

Council approved the McBride Chamber of Commerce Application for temporary street closure on Main Street from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue from 10:30am – 2:30pm on July 1st for Canada Day events.

Support for grant submission 

Council directed staff to provide a letter of support to the Whistle Stop Gallery for their grant submission to the New Horizons for Senior Program as per Dannielle Alan’s presentation.

New rep for tourism committee

Council appointed Lori Hurry to the McBride Tourism Committee to represent the McBride Chamber of Commerce.

2022 Budget details

Council approved the revised Consolidated Financial Statements for the Village of McBride 2022. Following the presentation of the draft document to council in May, additional information was provided in regards to the renovations of Bill Clark Memorial Park and Ball Diamond as well as the Main Street Lighting upgrades. This information required funds being moved from one area to another and required that council approve the adjusted statement.

Council approved the Village of McBride 2022 Statement of Financial Information report as presented. This is an annual report that each municipality is required to prepare and submit to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs by the end of June each year.

Mobile food vendor

Council provisionally approved Barb Baer’s request for The County Girl’s Kitchen mobile vendor to park by and use the electrical service at Steve Kolida Park every Friday during the community market as well as on Canada Day, until July 31, 2023. Council also directed administration to draft a bylaw to establish regulations for mobile vendors within the Village of McBride.

In camera

Council proceeded to an in-camera meeting for consideration of matters of the Community Charter related to section 90 (1) (a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality, and (c) labour relations or other employee relations.