Mary McCarty and Jennifer Campbell look back at photos displayed on the church walls throughout the weekend. The pair have been friends since they were 14 years old and they share many Lamming Mills memories. They say they have lived together, travelled together, sang together and gone to school together and cherish their friendship that started way back. McCarty and Campbell were two of several members of the Robson Valley Seventh Day Adventist school and church who gathered over the July long weekend to celebrated 80 years in the valley. The group reminisced about the early days at Lamming Mills. Several old-timers, some who were just kids when they moved to the valley, returned to share stories and enjoy some time over meals, games and in services. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Some of the older but still younger generation tried their hand at group skiing. Some of the teams caught on to the need for clear communication and teamwork faster than others, and quickly made their way to the finish line. /SUBMITTED
On Friday evening, following a potluck, organizer Elsie Stanley (pictured far right), invited Gerald Whitehead, Walter Martins, Dorothy Shafer and Aurelia Thunstrom to share some of their earliest memories from life in Lamming Mills. Martins, who still resides not too far from the original Lamming Mills community site, told a story of riding a bobsled built by Glen Stanley down a logging road. Martin recalls that he and Stanley mounted the sled at the top of a hill shone smooth by logs as they were hauled away by trucks. He said it was quite the ride and they had to hold on tight. Shafer has documented several of her memories in a collection. She read out one story about one of her classmates, Ronnie Johnson, who, much to his mother’s, the teacher’s, horror, snuck a snake into class one afternoon. /ANDREA ARNOLD
On Sunday afternoon the younger generation took to the field for some old-fashioned fun. This modern twist on an old favourite prevented sore wrists and accidental tripping. /SUBMITTED