As if the public isn’t confused enough by conflicting advice from top level “experts,” we have yet another announcement from our rulers to further complicate our lives.

We already know we are supposed to wash our hands for a set period of time, marked by those of us who can sing with renditions of Happy Birthday. However we are under instruction from the Environmental lobby to turn the water on and off during hand washing, thereby saving gallons of water. Meanwhile the Health authority tells us to keep the water running until our hands are dry, then turn off the tap using paper towel. Do these people even read each other’s memos?

For weeks we have been beaten into depression by the Environmental announcement our laundry is killing the oceans as each load dispenses millions of tiny fibres deadly to sea life. So we must cut down on cleaning our clothes. And brushing our teeth joined the list of what not to do as toothpaste contains “microbeads” which also kill sea life. But wait! Here comes the Health authority telling us to wash or dry clean our parkas, toques and mitts every two weeks to rid them of “the bacteria that grows on them during storage and use!” Evidently haven’t clued in on the toothpaste yet, no word on that.

We hear terrible tales of overworked doctors and health care workers who cannot find bed space for severely ill patients. And at the same time we can see the thousands of square feet of “office space” for people doing who knows what and often outnumbering patient beds in every hospital. The justification here is that everyone must have a private office in case someone might look over their shoulder and see what their co-workers are doing.

It would probably be a good thing if the authorities did know what each other was doing. And more efficient. The public isn’t to blame for not listening to “authorities;” the authorities are to blame.

D. Simpson

McBride, B.C.