By Goat Staff

The Village of McBride has posted a boil water notice in addition to yesterday’s water conservation notice.

The Boil Water Notice applies to all users of the Village of McBride water supply system.

Residents and local businesses are asked to respond by ensuring that tap water is boiled for a
minimum of one minute prior to personal consumption (please see back of form).

Yesterday’s water conservation notice requests that residents limit water usage where possible like dishwashing, and toilet flushing, and omit unnecessary usage of water such as car washing or pool filling for the time being.

The current Turbidity in the McBride Community Water System (CWS) was measured at around
1 Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU) and is believed to be trending upward in the next couple
days. Turbidity is caused by suspended organic and inorganic materials in the water source
leading to colored water. At the current level discoloration would not be noticeable however
precaution has to be taken due to potential hazards with turbidity. Turbidity could also impact
treatment systems the Village had in place leading to potential ineffective treatment outcome.
Thus, pathogens might survive in the water system. Population at risk includes the high-risk
group such as elderly, young children and infants, immunocompromised, pregnant women and
people with underlying health issues.

Owners of public premises served by this water system must:
a). Notify the public that the water is not potable drinking water by posting a sign at every sink or
drinking water fountain accessible to the public;
b). If normal business practices provide an opportunity, verbally advise any person who may use
the domestic water system for a domestic purpose that the water is not potable water; and
c). All food premises must ensure that equipment connected to the community water system is
disconnected. For example, soda machine, slurpee machines, ice machine, etc.

The notice says boiled water should be used for the following activities:
Drinking purposes
Food Preparation- This includes washing fruits and vegetables that will not be cooked. Water used as an ingredient does
not need to be boiled prior to use, providing it will be brought to a boil during the cooking process.
Coffee Machines- Coffee brewers, hot tea towers, hot cappuccino and hot chocolate machines can operate if water
temperatures are maintained at or above 74°C/165°F for at least 15 seconds and verified by a probe
Brushing teeth
Infant formulas
Making Ice-freezing does not destroy most pathogens. Bacteria and viruses can survive in frozen products for long period of time. Discard any ice made from contaminated or potentially contaminated water.
Fruit and vegetable washing- Boiled water should be used to wash all produce that is to be eaten raw.