Submitted by Valemount RCMP

Valemount RCMP has spent months collecting information pertaining to serious offences which have occurred in Valemount. Prior to police intervention and investigation, these matters had not been reported to police. 

Three men, Trevor Richardson, Ange Hatot, and local resident Jonathan Williams, were arrested in connection with several crimes. The charges have not yet been proven in court.

Police say on November 25th, 2021, three people entered a Valemount residence by force, produced knives and a firearm, and proceeded to forcibly confine the three resident occupants. The three occupants were tied up with rope and zip-ties while held at knife and gunpoint. A prohibited handgun was used in the offence, and was discharged in the commission of the offence as well. The three victims were bound, and their lives threatened if they did not cooperate with demands. The victims were then all tied together, and brought into the basement of the residence where they were again tied to a support beam and left. The house was ransacked and phones, watches, cash and other items were stolen.

Months of investigation led to a search warrant being executed at Jonathan Williams’ residence. Here, further corroborating evidence was located indicting Jonathan Williams in his involvement in the home invasion. Jonathan Williams has now officially been charged with Section 344(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada in committing a robbery with a restricted weapon, Section 279(2)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada in forcible confinement, Section 95(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada in possession of a restricted loaded firearm, Section 85(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada in committing an offence with a firearm, and Section 90(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada in carrying a concealed weapon. This investigation is now before the courts pending trial.


The Valemount RCMP are releasing this statement to the general public in order to advise of what is happening in their community, and for the community’s awareness and safety**. This high profile, extremely dangerous file, a home invasion where a firearm was used and discharged, involved three local victims. Through extreme circumstances, this was only brought to police attention after proactive efforts were made by police in order to learn what is happening in their community. The Valemount RCMP are encouraging anyone with information they wish to share with police, regarding this incident or any other, to please contact your local Valemount RCMP Detachment at 250-566-4466, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

**Editor’s Note: RCMP say this was a targeted event linked to the drug trade, and ordinary residents need not be concerned about break-and-enters from the people involved.