By Laura Keil

In a press release earlier this month, RCMP reported that three local residents were the victims of a break and enter and forcibly confined in November 2021, and police have now made an arrest. In response to the Goat’s queries, RCMP say this was a targeted event linked to the drug trade, and ordinary residents need not be concerned about break-and-enters from the perpetrators.

The three occupants of the home were held at knife and gunpoint and a prohibited handgun discharged during the incident. The three victims were bound, and their lives threatened if they did not cooperate with demands. The victims were then tied together and brought into the basement where they were tied to a support beam and left. The house was ransacked and phones, watches, cash and other items were stolen.

The Goat asked the RCMP why no 911 calls were made in connection with this incident. Sgt. Robert Dean said it was later determined that there was a call to 911 by one of the victims, but they turned off the phone before 911 operators could ascertain the details.

“The 911 (call) was answered by E COMMS in the Lower Mainland and when they couldn’t get the caller back on line, their policy apparently is to classify it as a false dial,” he told the Goat.

In reference to a separate incident involving the drug trade that occurred during the past year, police say there was a sudden death in the garage of a residence on 4th ave which is “believed to be drug-related.” Police did not provide further details as of presstime.