Dear readers,

When COVID-19 restrictions arose two and a half years ago, I don’t think I would have imagined sitting here in 2022. My gut reaction was that the newspaper was done. I imagine many other business owners had a similar feeling. In fact, for many who weren’t so lucky, it was the end. Luckily, the valley’s newspaper has endured, thanks to government support, the support of readers and advertisers, and the dedication of the people who make it happen each week.

As pandemic fears wane and restrictions drop off, supply chain issues persist and a new challenge has emerged: inflation. In the spring, the Goat was hit with a 10% increase in its printing and delivery bill. Other costs are also set to rise. To merely keep up with inflation we must look at an increase. So starting Nov. 3rd, the paper will cost $2.25 (tax included) at newsstands.

It’s been many years since our last increase and the cost of the paper is still less than a cup of coffee. Subscription prices will stay the same until December 31st. So if you’re an avid reader, and want to save some cash, contact us at 250-566-4606 / [email protected] to subscribe. 

People have asked me lately if the Goat is still for sale. The answer is no. I’ve taken it off the market and plan to forge a path forward. Diving into the stories of local people, mediating complex issues and advocating for positive change are still an exhilarating part of what we do and I look forward to many more years.


Laura Keil


Rocky Mountain Goat Media Inc.