By Andrea Arnold

Valemount played host to the Quad Riders Association of British Columbia’s (ATVBC) Jamboree from August 2-8, 2022. 

“We had rides to the top of Canoe Mountain on both east and west side roads,” said club director Ralph Matthew’s. The rides were weather dependent. One rainy day, members made the trek and were met with a very limited view from the top.

Matthew said there were 89 participants at this year’s event from across the province.

On Thursday, the group participated in an ice cream parade into Valemount’s BBQ Banditos. 

“We had to get a permit to travel on the local roads and also permission from the Village Council to travel on the route we took from the rodeo grounds,” said Matthew’s.

He estimated about 43 machines participated in the ride.

On August 6th, the group held their Annual General Meeting.

ATVBC is a Provincial organization with 40 clubs and 5200 members, he said.  

The club promotes safe and responsible riding of ATVs and side by side.     

“The most important tip that I can give is to always wear your helmet,” said Matthews. 

Other personal protective equipment that the club recommends people wear while riding is over the ankle footwear, long pants, a long sleeve shirt, gloves and goggles. It is also important to make sure the machine is the right size for the rider. Matthews says that young people should ride an age-appropriate machine. 

“A youth should not be riding his father’s large quad,” he said. “They should also be supervised by a responsible adult.”  

The week-long event was locally sponsored by Three Ranges Brewing, BBQ Banditos Restaurant, Vale Coffee, and Tourism Valemount. 

The Quad Riders Association of British Columbia (ATVBC) held their ATVBC Jamboree in Valemount from August 2-8, 2022. 89 members descended on the community and enjoyed riding on Canoe Mountain. They also held their Annual General Meeting on August 6th. /SUBMITTED.