By Andrea Arnold

Mayor Torgerson began the June 14, 2022 with a public hearing portion to address proposed zoning amendment – ZA 22-03. The proposed request would amend the zoning of 1155 6th Avenue from R2 (Residential- Single and Two unit) to R3 (Residential – Multi unit.)

Hearing no verbal or written comments or questions from public members or council members, the public hearing was closed and the meeting transitioned to the regular Council meeting.

VCF/VIP appointments

Councillor MacLean recused herself due to her connection to the community forest. Council confirmed two appointments to the VCF/VIP Board of Directors, including one member of Council. Jr Osadchuck was voted in as director at large and Councillor Pete Pearson appointed as Council’s representative. 

Quad Riders parade

Council agreed to support the Quad Riders ATV Association by allowing use of Main Street and 5th Avenue for their parade during the first week of August. Permission is granted providing that road closures are not required, and the RCMP have no objections to the event.

Bylaw Enforcement Summary Report – May 2022

There were 11 new bylaw files opened in May: two animal control violations, one business license bylaw, one open air burning bylaw and seven zoning bylaw.  There are currently 18 ongoing violations being handled in addition to the 11 added in May.

Lift station project 

Council received the Lift Station Tender – Dogwood East area and 17th Ave report for information. One bid was received by the Village in the amount of $9,100,000. Council had previously allotted $3,000,000 so this amount seemed unrealistic so staff is working with Urban Systems to amend the tender in preparation to repost in the fall. Staff is also looking for grant options to provide more funding as the budgeted amount has not increased with the increased cost of materials.

Garbage truck

Council approved the agreement with Rollins Machinery Limited for the purchase of a new garbage truck in the amount of $206,810.23.

Zoning bylaw – automobile repair

Council adopted Village of Valemount Zoning Bylaw No. 847, 2021 Amendment Bylaw No 858, 2022 as presented.  This amendment changes C2 and C4 zones by adding automobile repair shop to the list of permitted uses and addresses inconsistencies in the Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations.

Elections bylaw

Council moved to adopt the Village of Valemount General Elections and Voting Bylaw No 860, 2022 as presented. This bylaw is to establish election procedures no less than 56 days before the first day of the nomination period of the upcoming general municipal election.

Zoning bylaw – multi unit 

Council moved to give the Village of Valemount Zoning Bylaw No 847, 2021 Amendment Bylaw No 861, 2022 third and fourth readings. This amendment would change the zoning of the Village owned lot at 1155 6th Ave from R2 (Residential- Single and Two unit) to R3 (Residential – Multi unit) for the development of a fourplex housing unit for the purpose of staff housing.

Roof sprinklers

Councillor Blanchette brought up the news that Logan Lake figured out how to get a sprinkler system on everyone’s roof. She asked if Valemount wanted to look into something like that. Mayor Torgerson said there has been a local group awarded $8000 from the Regional District of Fraser Fort George for the initial leveraging of funds. Lynda Lafleur is looking to see if Columbia Basin Trust can at least match that. He suggested they could start with homes on the outskirts of town. Council passed a motion directing staff to get in contact with Logan Lake representatives in regards to wildfire interface prevention.

Public Comment

Rashmi Narayan

Regarding the lift station tender. Wanted to express concern about it not getting done soon. Wanted to offer her assistance and the use of senior needs as a way of broadening the grant search if that may speed up the process money to see the project through in a more timely manner.

In camera

Council moved to an in-camera meeting for consideration of one (1) item per Section 90 (1) (a) of the Community Charter to discuss matters related to (a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality.