By Laura Keil

The Terry Fox Trek is returning in full force this year on Sat. Aug 20th with some special updates.

Since 2015, the annual trek on Mount Terry Fox north of Valemount has offered a unique experience to those honouring Terry’s memory and raising funds for cancer.

This year, trekkers will have a brand new trail to tread called the Teepee Creek Trail, which starts 1000 ft higher in elevation than the original trail, which shaves at least two hours of hiking time and offers a supply of water along the way. The original trail does not have water.

This year is the first year hikers will get the benefit of viewing the Terry Fox monument at the summit, which was relocated there from a less accessible part of the mountain last year, said Patricia Thoni, President of the The Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association.

As in past years, there will be several different options for hikers to choose from: Terry Fox Summit: A total distance of 18 km and an elevation gain of 1,450m, this journey typically takes 10-12 hours to complete and is for experienced hikers. Start Time: 7AM.

Big Rock/Lower Teepee Lake Loop: This route offers a return trip distance of 13 km and a total elevation gain of 950m. Start Time: 7 AM. 

Huckleberry Hill: A return trip distance of just 3 km and an elevation gain 250m – a good option for beginner hikers or family groups looking to join the Trek this year. Start Time: 9 AM. 

YORA is helping to organize again this year. Jack Basterfield of the Terry Fox Foundation says they are hosting a gathering at the Three Ranges Friday night at 6pm to meet fellow hikers and Terry’s older brother Fred Fox. Post-hike, there will be a get-together at the Legion Saturday night at 7pm.

You can register as an individual, family or a team.