By Andrea Arnold

McBride Mayor Gene Runtz is excited to announce that Main Street will be receiving 30 new decorative street lights. 

“The streetlights will beautify Main Street, improve health and safety by reducing dark spaces on the sidewalks and roadways, increase accessibility to the street, significantly reduce energy consumption and eliminate light pollution,” said Runtz.

The need for new lights was identified in the NDIT-funded Main Street and Downtown Revitalization Plan that was completed last year.The Village of McBride was successful in a grant application under the Main Street Revitalization – Capital Program from Northern Development Initiative Trust. The Village will receive $199,269 to upgrade the lights along the full length of Main Street. 

The announcement that the grant application was successful was presented at the May 24, 2022 McBride council meeting. Over the last month discussions regarding the style of light standard have been ongoing between the village and the Beautification Committee. 

An employee with CDM2 Lighting has taken the information provided from these discussions and created a rendering of what the new lights will look like. The new lights will use LED lights directed downwards, reducing the amount of light pollution compared to now.

This image illustrates the replacements for all the street lights along Mainstreet in McBride. The light standards with spotlights will line the street between Steve Kolida Park and Bill Clark Memorial Park. /SUBMITTED

The six posts located between 1st and 2nd Ave will also have small spotlights built in. These lights will allow for additional, special lighting directed at Main street, the train station, cenotaph, park or part of the ball diamond for events. The spotlights will provide the option for multi-coloured light in patterns and varying intensities and can be remotely controlled.

During the installation process, there will be other work completed to replace the bases, and some sidewalk work as well.

The Village has until December 31st, 2022 to fulfill the grant requirements according to McBride CAO Chris Tupy. The Village is working to get all the supplies and a contractor secured so that the project can move forward.