The Valley Museum and Archives in McBride have opened their summer display, “Are We There Yet.” Along with the photos telling the story of Highway 16, the museum has included several paintings of automobiles by local artist Glen Frear. Many of the paintings are replications of vehicles that were, or still are found around the valley. He takes a moment to check out “Warren’s truck” and his favorite, in blue, “58 Caddy.” /ANDREA ARNOLD
Cheryl Lipke points out some familiar faces in the old photos at the Valley Museum and Archives, to two of her granddaughters. The display tells the story, through photos, of the evolution of Highway 16 from a one lane dirt trail to the paved and mostly smooth surface we have today. There are sections of the museum dedicated to construction, maintenance, weather and some recent shots of vehicle recoveries. During the summer months, the museum is open 10-5 Tuesday – Saturday. /ANDREA ARNOLD