By Andrea Arnold

The May 24, 2022 Valemount Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Owen Torgerson.

Public Hearing

They began the meeting with a public hearing to address the proposed amendments to add Automobile Shop as a permitted use in the C2 and C4 zones and update regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units.

One written letter was submitted from Claudia Frost. Prior to reading the letter, Village Planner Krista Etty said the use mentioned in the letter was not included in the property’s prior C4 zoning so is outside the scope of the meeting’s zoning amendment discussion. Frost, of TomCat Enterprises, owns the property and building located at 1455 5th Ave. They are asking for the inclusion of service repair and equipment rental shop (to include other machines and equipment aside from automobiles) to their zoning definition.

Mayor Torgerson clarified that those services were not available at that location prior to the OCP zoning changes.

The public hearing portion of the meeting was adjourned after no further questions or comments.

Housing needs report

Rashmi Narayan of Spirited Exchanges Consulting and Megan Vicente presented the final housing needs report. The report covered background information, key findings, responses to date and recommendations to reduce gaps. The report shines a light on the housing needs of communities across the province. Much of the information is gathered through Statistics Canada and local interactions and surveys. The report used 2016 data as it was the most complete information available at the time of the report creation. Close to 20 per cent of the population of Valemount is living in homes that are costing 30 per cent of their income. Approximately 85 per cent of dwellings are occupied by permanent residents. Valemount is lacking in diverse home style options. Vicente discussed recommendations. The five main points are to reduce barriers for affordable housing, update existing bylaws and policies, build capacity with partnerships and experts, facilitate innovative solutions and implement new tools, bylaws and policies.

Mayor Torgerson asked how hard it would be to bring the report up to date when the most recent census information is released later this year. Narayan said it wouldn’t be hard at all and worthwhile.

 Road closures for events

Council approved the following road closures in support of the Valemount Community Sport Days Association’s Valemountain Days events:

June 10th 5pm-9pm 5th Ave between Cedar Street and the crosswalk in front of The Gathering Tree, and June 11th 10:30am-12pm flowing east-west, 5th Ave from Main Street to Dogwood to 9th Ave, crossing Elm Street at the Valemount Curling Rink. These closures are subject to advertisement in the local paper the week prior, and a proponent meeting with the Public Works Superintendent prior to the event to confirm details of road closures and Public Works availability.

Development permit

Council approved development permit 22-01 to move forward with a 2-parcel subdivision at 1002 5th Avenue. Caribou Grill Ltd. is requesting the permit.

 Zoning bylaw amendment

Council gave the Village of Valemount Zoning Bylaw No. 847, 2021 Amendment Bylaw. 858, 2022, third reading. This amends zones C2 and C4 by adding Automobile Repair Shop to the permitted uses and addresses inconsistencies in the Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations.

 Election bylaw

Council gave the Village of Valemount General Elections and Voting Bylaw No. 86, 2022 first, second and third reading. The presented draft outlines the procedures that will shape the upcoming October Municipal election.

 Zoning bylaw

Council gave the Village of Valemount Zoning Bylaw No. 847, 2021 Amendment Bylaw. 861, 2022 third reading. The property in question is 1155 6th Ave, currently zoned as R2, single family or two-unit dwelling. For the development to go ahead, a zone R3 is required.

 Public comment

Claudia Frost wanted to address the issue regarding the business at 1455 5th Ave not previously having service repair and equipment rental classification prior to the rezoning. These items are included in C3 and C4 zones. Frost stated that it was her understanding that other businesses within those zones didn’t have those services prior to rezoning. She is asking that it be added to their lot (now zoned C2).

In Camera

Council moved to an in-camera council meeting for consideration of one item per Section 90 (1) (a) of the Community Charter to discuss matters related to personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality.