Teressa Colosimo (left) was diagnosed with scleroderma 10 years ago. Colosimo, along with Tara Colosimo, Layla Campbell, Trai Byford, Alex MacDonald are inviting the community to participate in the BC-wide “Moving to Cure Scleroderma” virtual campaign. Scleroderma is a rare autoimmune disease that is debilitating and extremely painful. It attacks the Circulatory system, affects the Gastrointestinal tract, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, and Esophagus. Scleroderma causes hardening, thickening, and tightening of the skin which causes devastating results to one’s face appearance and one’s mobility. There is no cure. To participate go to tinyurl.com/mw7est9m. Click on donate now, and pick an activity. “Please capture your “Moving to Cure Scleroderma” in pictures or videos, including your location and email to [email protected],” said Colosimo. “I am so excited about this virtual walk. Let’s see how many participants we can capture across British Columbia.” If you have any questions: contact Colosimo at 250-566-3165. She has pledge sheets and new T-Shirts available. /SUBMITTED