By Andrea Arnold

The former IGA location in McBride is under new ownership and management. Bobby and Lori Hurry are working around the clock to be ready to open the site as a new grocery store, TGP, by the beginning of June.

The pair have had their sights set on a move to McBride for the past five years, but until recently, it was not possible.

The Hurry’s began operating a corner store in Fraser Lake in 2016 after the community grocery store, SuperValu, abruptly closed leaving a big hole in the town. 

“A close friend of ours told us that he was going to get food, but he didn’t have a vehicle, and the nearest store was 45 minutes away,” said Lori. “We decided we needed to do something.”

After a year as a corner store, the Hurry’s were able to expand by purchasing the former grocery store location and joining up with TGP.

“We received a Community Futures Grant,” she said. “That made the expansion possible.”

Although they wanted to move to McBride, they were not able to operate two store locations at once. 

Following the sale of the Everyday Grocery Store and More in Fraser Lake in December 2021 the Hurrys began the process of relocating to McBride.

The couple loves McBride and the Robson Valley, and are very excited to be here serving the community. Bobby treeplanted in the area many years ago and fell in love with it. Lori has fallen in love too.

“I feel like I’m in my favorite movie (The Sound of Music) every time I walk outside,” she said. They have thought for some time that the community needs a second grocery store. 

“When the store didn’t open last fall, we saw an opportunity,” she said. 

The Hurry’s have started advertising for staff. They are specifically looking for a meat cutter and a baker with experience. All other positions do not require experience. Interested parties can leave their resume at the store between 9-5 starting May 15th.

“We hope to open the first week of June,” said Lori. “This goal is dependent on our final inspection and staffing.”

In addition to regular grocery store items, the McBride TGP will also carry Dollar Store items. Lori says that at their previous store, they had a wish list at the checkout where residents could request items, and they will order them in if possible. This is a practice they intend to continue in McBride.