Men’s Shed, sidewalk repair needs, and TUPs

By Andrea Arnold

Deputy Mayor Diane Smith called the April 12, 2022 McBride Council meeting to order at 7:01pm.

Public Hearing

Council moved to a public hearing portion for temporary use permit 2022-02 for 522 Main Street at 7:03pm. One letter of support was read from neighbouring property owner Linda Fry stating that she was in support of the proposed use of the space and of the application. No other statements were received either written or verbal by members of the public, the applicant, or Council, so the regular meeting was reconvened at 7:09pm.

Men’s Shed

Jana MacMaster, Operations & Support Services Manager for Robson Valley Community Services presented the plans for a Men’s Shed in McBride. A small group of men have been meeting through RVCS in McBride since July 2021 working on growing the Men’s Shed to a sustainable group where men of all ages can socialize, take part in activities and learn new skills. Their goal is to support projects that give back to the community. Men’s Sheds are currently in 19 communities across the province, providing their communities with a hub for men, specifically seniors, and that aims to create a product, service or process that will benefit society. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce the concept to Council, and ask that the Village consider how they can support the group.

Elks utility bill request

Al Bernie, treasurer for the McBride Elks #247 presented a request from the group to be exempt from utility charges this year. Bernie reported that the group’s Village utility bills are $888.46 this year. They are not making the request to be a burden and are asking for this one exemption. The use of the building and the utility services has been minimal in the past two years, so they feel that they are not out of line to make the request. Three weeks ago, their bank account was down to $6. They have been working hard to raise funds and hope to see a successful Pioneer Days to continue their work and are appreciative of the support from community members.

Horseshoe Lake Road property development

Andrea and Steven Garhammer asked for a continuance to present their plans to develop Lot 2 on Horseshoe Lake Road at a later date, as they were still meeting with CAO Tupy to discuss the options available to them for developing the property in preparation for a mobile home. Council approved the request

Report to Council – Revised 2022 Budget Schedule.

Council moved to receive the Revised 2022 Budget Schedule for consideration and discussion, and approve it as presented.

Sidewalk safety concern

Council received the letter from St. Patrick Parish and directed staff to investigate the reported issues. The letter reports that portions of the sidewalk have sunk up to two inches resulting in a tripping hazard. The ramp that was installed two years ago no longer has a smooth transition to the sidewalk causing accessibility issues for the church’s aging congregation. Councillor Frederick said that he would like to see this as an item in the upcoming budget discussion.

Stumpage fee resolution

Council agreed that the following be submitted to UBCM as a resolution, and to NCLGA as a late resolution.

WHEREAS The tabular stumpage rate system that currently applies to community forest agreements provides the means through which community forests innovate, operate in contentious areas, invest in long-term forest stewardship and provide jobs and other benefits to their communities;

AND WHEREAS The ability of community forests to innovate and invest in community priorities including climate change adaptation, wildfire risk reduction, ecosystem restoration, old growth management, recreational infrastructure development, and community economic development relies upon the current stumpage rates;

AND WHEREAS Any change in the current tabular stumpage policy that results in an increased stumpage rates and additional administrative burden for community forest tenures will greatly reduce and undermine the capacity of community forests to provide key socio-economic benefits to the communities that they support. The tabular stumpage policy enables community forest agreement holders to implement modernized forest policies and to meet the full range of community

objectives while operating viable businesses.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Province of British Columbia maintain the tabular rate structure for community forest agreements.

Council moved to present a resolution to NCLGA regarding the loss of tire recycling services in the north. Councillors will meet to discuss and create the resolution by the end of the week.

Temporary Use permits

Temporary use permit for the space between the Scotiabank and Horseshoe Lake Ventures, 333, 345 and 355 Main Street, for wholesale use was presented to Council. There continues to be ongoing discussion regarding if the items for sale are considered wholesale or retail. Council directed staff to carry out public notification and requirements prior to bringing the proposed TUP back to Council for approval. The matter will be presented in a public hearing, after which, a decision will be made and a decision as to the use being retail or wholesale be made. 

Council approved the temporary use permit 2022-02 to permit an office and rental of a residential suite within the existing home at 522 Main Street for two years ending April 12, 2024, and authorized CAO Tupy to issue the permit.


Council approved CAO Tupy’s attendance at the 2022 Local Government Management Association of BC Annual Conference at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre June 21-23, 2022.

In camera

Council moved to proceed to in-camera for consideration of matters of the Community Charter related to Section 90 (1) (c) Labour Relations or other employee relations.

The public portion of the meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm.