Fuel prices in Valemount as of April 25, 2022

By Trish Gair

A local resident brought to our attention that two of the local gas stations in Valemount have digital signs but choose not to display their gas prices. The Shell station would not comment on the record, but a former staff member said the sign display was finicky to operate (they have to go outside for the remote to work, and the remote battery is often dead) and the fact it’s inconvenient to switch prices every time gas prices fluctuate. 

When an Esso employee was asked, he said there are electrical issues he believes would be very costly to fix. Petro Canada doesn’t have a sign to display gas prices. Tempo is the only Valemount station that displays their gas prices on a sign visible from the highway.

For the most part the regular gas prices are all the same but everything else is all over the map. Prices from April 25, 2022