Recently we invited you to tell us what you thought about the media coverage of the ongoing trucker protests in Canada. What was wrong? What could have been better? We encouraged people to write in with specifics and are allowing writers to remain anonymous save for their location.

Local rally supporting the trucker convoy in Valemount in February. /LAURA KEIL

One lie is enough to question all their truths

What can one expect when our own government buys the media? I grew up in a time when a healthy debate consisted of 2 sides. We had journalists, like Rafe Mair & Jack Webster etc holding the government’s feet to the fire. Sadly those days are gone, the legacy media (CBC,CTV,GLOBAL,CP4, Post Media etc) have descended into taking orders & sensational headlines rather than honest reporting. This has been a frog and cold water exercise the last 20+ years, probably longer starting with the perversion of language specifically calling a peaceful protest “terrorism or an occupation” etc. These media groups are responsible for stoking unreasonable fear, divisiveness, instrumental in limiting open debate, inciting hate (TorStar) and censorship. For example, yes there was a confederate flag & a nazi flag at the Ottawa demonstration…the people carrying them were quickly identified & made to leave the protest; but, that is all our media wanted to focus on—their “money shot,” not the festivities, the bouncy castles for the children, the food, the music, the celebration of people united. Does one really think these parents would take their children to something that might endanger them? One woman’s extended family was so terrified to go to the protest that she & her husband/children went and asked to be interviewed (by Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson) to show the extended family it was perfectly safe. There are many “live videos” of the protest on youtube, bitchute, odysee and rumble.

CBC,CTV,GLOBAL,CP4, Post Media etc have shamefully shown us their bias and that they are the propaganda arm of our Canadian government. If you don’t believe it, go to the protest for a few hours and then go home and watch the evening news. Who do you believe—your own eyes or what CBC, CTV, GLOBAL, CP4, Post Media etc tell you?

If we must fight disinformation, let’s start with the legacy media in this country. If they are lying about the protests, what else have they been lying about?
One lie is enough to question all their truths.

Valemount, BC

Media disparity

Never have I seen such a disparity between mainstream media and the video feeds out of Ottawa. If what the Liberal government is saying is true then there has been a massive failure to protect the residents of Ottawa. But the video feeds show a big party. It shows citizens reaching out to the truckers. When fuel for truckers was banned, citizens started coming with jerry cans, some filled with water. The crime rate in Ottawa has dropped drastically. A group of Veterans came to the War Memorial and informed the police that they would take over protecting the memorial and removed the fencing that had been placed around the memorial.

I see a prime minister who engages in hate speech and continues in rhetoric that further divides Canadians into camps. Its name is “discrimanation.” We are in the process of settling claims of discrimanation among First Nations and in the midst of that we see government engage in further action to promote hatred amongst us. They say that our healthcare system is COVID tired. That situation was created by our government when they set up to fire those who refused the “vaccine”. It is the government that created a shortage and their response was to blame the “unvaxxed.” Take a look at the BC CDC stats. The majority of hospitalizations are in the vaccinated. The highest death rate due to COVID is in the triple vaccinated who are over 70.

I am thankful for the comments made by the new leader of the opposition, Candice Bergen. She asks that the prime minister enter into dialogue with the truckers’ convoy. The speaker of the house makes mention of a point of order in that name calling is prohibited. What strikes me is that the Liberal government feels it is okay to malign those who have gathered in Ottawa. There is no attempt to prove their point, to justify their Emergency Act.

Why is it that my rights under our Charter are being denied because of my decision derived from “informed consent.” When does refusing a “medication” become the right to discriminate? The central question becomes whether the state owns my body or is it me, is it my ability to choose what is good for me after I have informed myself as to the risks and benefits. It is like our Village of Valemount council requiring that those who sit on any council committee must be vaccinated. I am not allowed to attend even over Zoom. This is truly punitive in nature and has nothing to do with safety.

These lockdown measures have wreaked havoc in our spouses, our families, in our town and across our nation. Omicron has proved to be mild in nature. Why does government continue to force vaccines that were designed for the original virus? It does not recognize this present variant? Maybe there is another agenda for financial gain. Or worse, a global agenda.

Valemount, BC

Selective Reporting

Thank you for this opportunity to give feedback on mainstream media coverage of the Trucker’s Convoy
When the convoy was leaving the Vancouver area, CBC interviewed them. CBC was inaccurate about the purpose of their protest and also inaccurate about the numbers of truckers who had already signed up.
CBC has constantly focused on any discordant factors i.e. confederate flags and one time a swastika symbol showed up. Although each of the convoy participants were required to sign a document ensuring that they would be non-violent during all protests, this was not reported by CBC. Corporal Daniel Bulford, who for eight years dutifully protected the Prime Minister Trudeau, resigned from his job because he was mandated to take the vaccine. He is now the person responsible for coordinating security for the Freedom Convoy (trucker’s convoy). This has not been focused on by the CBC. D. Bulford is highly educated on the law and the rights of the police/rights of the protesters. The Truckers’ Convoy leadership also has a few lawyers that work with them. The professionalism and fairness of this group has not been rightly reported by CBC.

During the initial protest some of the protesters hung a flag and dressed up the Terry Fox statue. There has been a lot of criticism of this action. What CBC has failed to report is that this has also happened in various Canada Day celebrations. Also the protesters are now protecting this statue of Terry Fox and this has not been reported by CBC.

Here is a list of things that have not been reported by CBC: many Ottawa residents have supported the protesters by providing gas, use of showers and facilities and general encouragement. The protesters have cleaned the snow off the city sidewalks. Some of the protestors have donated food to the shelters for the homeless. They have also organized themselves in road hockey and constructive entertainment. They have met with the mayor of Ottawa to strike a win/win deal of where they can park their trucks. These are only some of the positive actions that have not been reported by CBC.
I am disappointed in the Goat news for following the CBC narrative when there are many “on the ground” reports from youtube and facebook that reveal a very different story.

Valemount, BC

The end of democratic due process

Well here we are. It was a line that just a few months ago no Canadian would have thought we would cross, but as of last week, the Canadian Government has declared that it can unilaterally seize funds and freeze domestic bank accounts of Canadian Citizens without due process and/or a court order. I would like to put some distance between the larger debate occurring and this singular event. Regardless of your sympathies or opposition to the Trucker Convoy Protests, it is reasonable to expect that Canadian police have the authority and obligation to eventually clear out a sit-in obstructing other Canadians’ businesses and lives. But actually overrunning legal protections for private property and money seems a bit out of place. In the Canada I grew up in, journalists would be taking any government to task over this new precedent, but since the CBC’s only objective since the Harper years is to support the Liberal regime at all costs, I guess real discussion will only occur in local newspapers.

Of course, at some point, governments should have the right to freeze and seize private funds. If you owe taxes, yes the government can and should come for it. If you owe child support, same thing. If police or intelligence can show that you are plausibly funding violent terrorism, then a court order can be sought. But here enters the politics and dies the legal rights. Who defines what constitutes domestic terrorism? I would hope that every single Canadian would see the wisdom in letting the courts have the final say on this one.

So apparently Canada has a law that states a government (even a minority government) can without parliament declare a State of Emergency which overrides all normal due process. Of course, such a law should exist, but usually a foreign invasion, violent civil war or comet impact are the level of pending disaster needed to justify such laws. What makes this law so problematic is that it can be enacted, then debated after the point. The law itself seems to leave total discretion as to what level of intervention is justified to the sitting government. This is a big problem.

Only the most extreme Marxist refuses to acknowledge the sanctity of private property. You cannot have pluralism and cultural expression without private property. If individuals and families have no safety with their private accounts, they are not able to express themselves as they see fit. In short, what is your vision of pluralism in Canada? A plethora of proud owner/operators and thousands of ethnic restaurants, or every server at chain restaurants having a different skin tone?

What happens now? Believe me, Canada’s standing in the financial community will take a hit. On the small end, I expect much more hoarding, Gold, hidden funds, off-shoring of accounts and investing in crypto.

On the high end, expect large foreign investors to think twice about just how legally secure and protected their capital really is in Canadian financial institutions. The only good news is that this debate is not yet over. The Emergencies Act itself states every action must be reviewed. As such, I propose an issue that should unite 90 percent of Canadians. Please write to your MPs and tell them that you demand clear limits of how governments can seize and freeze private funds. Specifically, please emphasize that you would like the law clarified, either a future Emergencies Act declaration is first passed by Parliament, or all financial seizures and account freezes are approved by Court order. Such limits are the bare minimum to consider yourself a democracy in practice, not just in name like all of the authoritarian states of this planet.

Valemount, BC