Disappointed with most reporting

Thanks for the invitation to comment on your story of the trucker convoy. I have been generally disappointed with most reporting on the convoy (not just yours) for failing to mention that the principal organizers of the movement are prominent white nationalists. This has been investigated in depth here: https://www.antihate.ca/the_freedom_convoy. With hundreds of trucks and other vehicles descending on our capital, with a stated aim of, among other things, bringing down our federal government, I think the fact that people like Tamara Lich and Pat King are not just involved, but actually leading the movement, is pretty relevant. However, I’m glad that this has started to get at least a bit of coverage.

I was very pleased with your article on the gathering in Valemount in support of the convoy. It was astonishing to read the direct quotes from the speakers there. It was very effective to read their deranged ramblings in their own words, as they went on about the “New World Order” and how our government wants to both kill and enslave us all. I don’t think you could have come up with any more impartial and fair way to show how desperately unhinged these people are. Well done.

I don’t doubt that you will receive a lot of criticism from convoy supporters for your “biased” reporting. But as they have shown, they are completely disconnected from reality. They want reporting that confirms their nightmarish delusions, thus the considerable anger we see towards journalists and media from this anti-mask, anti-vaccination, freedom convoy faction. I would encourage you to stay the course and continue your honest reporting. You are doing the rest of us a favour by doing so, and nothing you could write would ever appease “anti” population anyway, as they are demonstrably steeped in bizarre and often racist conspiracy theories.

  • McBride/Vancouver

Two sides to every story

I have always watched Global and CTV news. I still do, but I view it differently now due to the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. I joined the convoy Facebook page so I could get both sides of the stories. I also have a relative over in Ottawa and he confirms things as he sees it.

I don’t like how Global and CTV keep saying there are confederate and nazi flags at the protest. I am not saying they weren’t there. There were a couple on the first day or so. Those people were not with the main group, they showed up on their own accord. They were told to go by the group.

I don’t like how the mainstream news is saying how the freedom convoy is full of racist people and only shows caucasian people in their videos. There are people of all shapes and colours there hugging, singing and dancing together. That is not racism to me.

To be fair though, the people in Ottawa are mad at the mainstream media from being wrongfully portrayed so much that they are not giving the media a chance to talk to them now when the media tries. They are giving the mainstream media the cold shoulder which is not helping the situation.

  • Valemount, BC

Not the whole story

I feel that the mainstream media Global/ CBC/ CTV only show one side of the story.

I know people physically in Ottawa right now and what they’re showing on TV does not truly represent what is happening there.

It would be nice if they represented both sides. Not just the government side or the trucker side but both. Isn’t that how journalism is supposed to work?

Valemount, BC