Last year, the message from the powers that be was loud and clear: the only way out of this pandemic was the safe and effective new mRNA vaccine.

One year later, what do we observe?

Mutating virus, waning efficiency, need for third jab, fourth jab, vaccine injuries, mandates that threaten jobs and careers if not followed, blaming, shaming, ridiculing, name calling, dismissing anyone not accepting the vaccine, forbidding doctors from treating their patients with repurposed drugs.

What happened to “First do no harm?”

What happened to rigorous scientific debate?

What happened to informed consent?

Might it be time to revisit the projected success of the vaccine presented last year?

How many jabs a year are people willing to receive?

Are we being made aware of the risks?

Are we aware of the number of under-reported vaccine injuries worldwide? (It’s on the WHO website)

Are we aware there are inexpensive repurposed drugs that are effective against viruses and can help COVID patients recover at home?

So much is at stake here.

We are at a crossroads:
Do we get behind this call to war against the virus with only the vaccine as a silver bullet?

Or do we try to gather the many tools we already have to keep our immune systems in working order and concentrate on using antiviral drugs with a long safe track record?

The truckers have taken a stand.

These vaccine mandates are an affront to our civil liberties.

The buzzword these days is “if you see something, say something.”

This is what I see.

This is my say.

Respectfully submitted,

Monique Jamin
Valemount, BC