To Honourable Adrian Dix, Minister of Health,

For more than a year they were our heroes. Our health care professionals have worked tirelessly through this pandemic to help all of us. I can hardly believe that now our government has terminated 3,000 healthcare workers across B.C. for daring to refuse the experimental gene therapy (see Editor’s Note 1) that is being pushed on all of us.

In Valemount the loss of five of our health care workers is nothing short of devastating. This is especially true now that the population of our small town has essentially doubled because of the addition of two thousand pipeline workers. How is firing our health care workers at this time supposed to improve our health? Imagine the stress you are causing for our remaining doctors and nurses.

Thousands of B.C. residents have already died because they could not access the health care they needed in time. In spite of this, your government is terminating doctors and nurses in order to force a vaccination that does not provide immunity to the virus and that allows the vaccinated to still transmit the virus to others (See Editor’s Note 2). Really? Do we condemn people to die from treatable diseases “in order to save lives?”

What has happened here? Where has our freedom of choice gone? What has happened to our kind Dr. Bonnie Henry, who told us last year on the T.V. that “These shots will not be forced on anyone. This is Canada.” What has happened to Canada?

Up until now, our government has always discouraged discrimination of any kind. Why is it now deliberately demonizing dissent in order to encourage anger and discrimination in our society? This polarization now threatens our social coherence and public trust in government.

Fostering anger and hatred or calling people names has never been a productive method for problem solving. I may not be willing to take an experimental messenger RNA “vaccine,” but I have spent many years of my life working in science in various research labs, and I am definitely not “anti-science,” nor am I an “anti-vaxxer.” All of my science background, however, may help me to recognize bad “science” when I see it.

Science did not get us to where we are today by censoring differing opinions or manipulating the data. For us to learn and progress, it requires open and honest discussion, as well as respectful debate. It requires honest inquiry, not censorship. The inventor of the PCR test now used to detect Covid viruses was pulled from the internet for attempting to explain how his test could and could not be used. Really?

Scientists don’t always agree. I won’t always agree either with someone else’s opinion, but I will always respect any person’s right to his own beliefs. Censorship has no place in an open and democratic society, and it has no place in scientific inquiry.

The official narrative about the “vaccination” that is now pushed on our society is not about science. It is all about money and politics. The science has been hijacked by big money and politicians who are now manipulating this pandemic to serve their own ends, as our health care officials abandon their mandate to protect public health.

In a free society, people are able to have different opinions and make different choices. We would be free to say what can and cannot be done to our bodies without fear of reprisal from our government or of being fired from our job. What has happened to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Don’t you think we have enough to worry about with the virus? We shouldn’t have to also worry about our government’s over-reaching response to the virus. Let’s get Canada back and reinstate our health care heroes.

Barbara Zimmer
Valemount, B.C.

Editor’s Note 1: the definition of gene therapy (from Oxford Languages) is the transplantation of normal genes into cells in place of missing or defective ones in order to correct genetic disorders. This is not what the COVID-19 vaccine does.

Editor’s Note 2: The COVID-19 vaccine has been proven to be effective at reducing both the severity of illness and to some degree the spread of the virus, therefore does provide this immunity to those taking it.