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I saw a sign written very neatly in Tuck Tape on some stacked silage bales coming through the Fraser Valley yesterday. It simply said: “ We the Fringe”…

I saw a lot of other signs and Canadian flags etc, but this one caught my attention the most.

It speaks to what millions and millions of citizens in this country are feeling. Somehow, seemingly overnight, “we the fringe minority with unacceptable views”(as we have been characterized by Justin Trudeau) have been made enemies of the state.

The Emergency Measures Act is very clearly an act of war by the state against its own people.

By granting themselves despotic powers to arbitrarily seize citizens bank accounts, censor our social media and ability to communicate outside Canada, and arrest anyone who disagrees with them on trumped up and imagined charges, the “Liberal” government has instantly become the most fascist regime this country has seen in my lifetime, and likely in the country’s history.

I have never fallen prey thus far to the temptation to jump on the “Fk Trudeau bandwagon. Spoiled, manicured Privileged white frat boy? Yes. Coward? Yes. Lying sack of st? Yes. But I did not consider him a fascist.

Until now.

The only state of emergency we have in this country is a tyrannical regime that has unlawfully implemented an act of war against its citizens.

The scariest outcome of all of this will be the increase in support for extremist platforms within this country by citizens who have been marginalized, demonized, ridiculed, and abused by the current regime.

All Trudeau had to do was listen, engage, negotiate and de-escalate. Instead, Trudeau’s cabinet is fomenting the ideal conditions for continued civil unrest, extremism, domestic terrorism and possibly even civil war in this country.

All of this nonsense is happening at a time when society has only one choice if the human race is to survive: We Must Unite!

We must throw aside our petty differences and recognize that we are all one.

Historically humanity has only been able to unify when we all have a common enemy or emergency.

The Climate Emergency is that common enemy.

We squabble and bicker amongst ourselves and allow our autonomy to be overrun by despotic state regimes with their own selfish agendas all the while doing NOTHING collectively to prepare humanity for the real crisis at hand.

Mother Nature does not care which “side” you are on. She does not identify or acknowledge the existence of “left” or “right” politics. She does not care how much money a regime steals from its citizens to finance climate destroying pipelines to send our raw resources to China or finance despot police forces that trample disabled elders in the streets of Ottawa or steal land from First Nations at gunpoint.

“We The Fringe” must find a way to stop financing and empowering the state so they can terrorize their citizens and actually find a way to work together to deal with the actual emergency.

Seth Macdonald
Dunster BC