I’m a Canadian and I suggest that both Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre should not be taking sides against the Palestinians “¦ as it is not our war to fight.

Israel only became a State in 1948, when some Jews then claimed land that previously had not belonged to them.

Until 1948 “¦ Jews never had a homeland. The word Israel in Judaism meant “¦ “The Hebrew people, past, present, and future, regarded as the chosen people of God by virtue of the covenant of Jacob.”

There were more than a few Jews that were against that group of Jews setting up that State of Israel “¦ Einstein being one of the most outspoken concerning that issue. Those Jews figured that setting up that State of Israel would cause even more animosity around the world against the Jews than already existed.
Written by a Jewish Woman, I suggest that you will find the following information of great interest.

From the book “¦ Sipping from the Nile “¦ My exodus from Egypt “¦ author “¦ Jean Naggar

“Despite that understanding that her efforts could permanently undermine the way of life she had always known, Auntie Helen, accompanied by her distinctive cane, traveled alone again and again to Suez and Ismailia after the end of the Second World War to supervise and expedite the loading of Jews emigrating to Palestine onto makeshift boats in the dead of night.

Certainly, the formation of the State of Israel changed the dynamic between Arab and Jew in the Middle East. It became a polarizing magnet, leading to huge rifts in the standing social structure, cutting through generations of tradition and peaceable interaction.

While most Jews world-wide rejoiced that Jews would at last have a homeland, those in Arab countries cast a wary eye at the chasm that was opening beside them, threatening irrevocably their safety and their way of life.

While I thought of my aunt as a fascinating person, I had no concept of the seismic shift that her activities were helping to produce in the internal psychological geography of the Arab countries, which were never again to accept their Jewish neighbors as brothers.

With the creation of the State of Israel, militant Islam was granted a voice and a cause.”

Citizens will always take sides in these matters “¦ but government leaders such as Justin and Pierre should know better than to take sides between Jews and Muslims.

June Vandermark
McBride, BC