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The ‘Trucker’ situation reveals the estrangement and manipulation within televised and internet realities, but it also gives me reason for hope.

Investigating, I’ve watched and read mainstream news, legislative debates, and explored internet ‘rabbit holes’ on alternative channels. I’ve debated dear old peacenik friends and engaged with, read, or watched strangers who identify as socialists, white nationalists, communists, alt-righters, Alberta sovereigntists, truth seekers, conspiracy theorists, and evangelical demon exorcizers. Calls of ‘fake news’ within social media dialogs and live streams condemning government collusion with legacy media mix with accusations of ‘agents provocateurs’ and ‘false flags.’ The avenues to explore are endless.

When the full press spectrum uses words like racism, terrorism, extremism, insurrection, and civil war I think it is important to pay attention, especially when investigative reporting has been scant.

Unfortunately, my search was about as enlightening as walking into a busy welding shop without eye protection: Blinding flashes of apparent insight followed by blindspots of equal proportion.

The convinced, on all sides, were unwaveringly standing their ground. Some call themselves ‘woke.’ The Legacy press carries on with the gov narrative of racism and violence while turning the cameras off when the real violence actually occurs against protestors. I’ve seen peaceful people trampled by horses and beat with the butts of rifles, staves, and batons by police with no name tags or badge numbers.

Beyond the government overreach, the moral and ethical lynchpin here is that a preexisting condition (called comorbidity in health circles), predominates both the demographic using our healthcare system and in fact is indicative of the pre-covid condition of the chronically underfunded system itself. This has reasonably been used to promote vaccinations, but mandates are a bigger move that many disagree with. With the masses of money being thrown around, I don’t recall federal funds to boost provincial health budgets, and even from the protestors themselves this focus seems oddly absent.

WEF (World Economic Forum) Great Reset manipulation has also come into the conversation, even in Parliament. Internet searches reveal members in Parliamentary positions. A term like Controlled Opposition has many other possible angles for people to explore. Out of instability rises control. Is the thirst for control from some other nation, the WEF, within the extreme right of Canada, or some combination?

The far-right are involved. Pat King (a convoy organizer and Wexit separatist with thousands of social media followers) said Trudeau needs to ‘catch a bullet’ and this resulted in no meaningful repercussions.

There was a Memorandum of Understanding (subsequently dropped) that called for a citizens assembly to take over Parliament. Spokesmen act like union reps making demands of management, not democratic citizens petitioning the elected.

Legal suits have been filed against the government over Charter Rights breeches, and the invalid introduction of the Emergency Measures Act.

So, is the latter where my hope lies? Maybe. The hope, in my opinion, actually lies in the questioning of government and in engagement. We can only hope that some of this will translate into activity at our short ballot lines, directly petitioning officials, or running politically themselves to better our democratic processes… if that is their goal.

Rob Mercereau,
Mcbride B.C.