Hans Christian Andersen was always one of my favourite storytellers; mainly, because his tales aren’t based on fear-making (mean witches, or stepmothers). Instead, they focus on empathy, logical intelligence, and critical thinking skills.
“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a perfect example, and can teach us so much:

1: The swindlers in the story knew how to manipulate the masses, by influencing their ego. Only intelligent people, so they claimed, would be able to see the beautiful materials used for the emperor’s new outfit.

2: In general, we humans think we are smart; image is important.

3: It’s way easier to go with the flow, than to swim against the current.

4: At the end, a small child said what everybody was thinking: “He’s naked!” revealing the truth.

Every time I hear a news report on the COVID issue, I can’t help but think about this tale and want to encourage everyone to read it and think for themselves!

Maria Lerch
Valemount, BC