By Laura Keil
The BC Government says the Kinney Lake campground will re-open this summer, even though the rest of the Berg Lake trail will remain closed for repairs.

The estimated opening date for the trail from the Trail Head to Kinney Lake Campground is June 27, 2023. Reservations can be made for the Kinney Lake Campground via the BC Parks Reservation website at

A government spokesperson says the June 27th opening date is designed to provide staff time to assess the trail after spring freshet as well as paving the parking lot at the Trail Head.

“During the summer of 2023 BC Parks staff and contractors will be completing assessments and work on the trail up to Whitehorn Campground, doing assessments and planning work for Whitehorn to Emperor Hill, and making repairs on the trail beyond Emperor Hill.”

The Berg Lake trail suffered major damage during a flash flood in 2021. Several bridges require replacement, and parts of the trail were washed out.