The two words “artificial” and “intelligence” are at odds with each other, because if something just happened to be intelligent, it couldn’t “be” artificial.

If humans with devious intentions program harmful information into computers, and then refuse to shut the electricity off that runs the computers, of course harm often is the result.

To say that computers cause harm, is comparable to saying that books labeled as being holy information from gods cause harm.

It is humans that “use” the computers and the words in the books for selfish reasons that causes the harm.

Nuclear weapons do not have artificial intelligence. However, if electricity is engaged because of aggressive human nature, those weapons will accomplish the job that the humans demand of them.

Whether it’s a stick or a stone, or a spear, or an arrow, or a gun, or a computer, or words in books, those inanimate objects are not responsible for anything.

Artificial intelligence does not exist in inanimate objects, and humans using those objects to harm and kill other humans, leave everything in common with that word “intelligence” … to be desired.

June Vandermark

McBride, BC