Thank you for the kind words about Blue River, its residents, and suggestions to improve social media presence, in the editorial of July 02, 2020 edition.
A couple of comments:
Firstly, there is no Area “B” of the Fraser Fort George Regional District. It does not exist. Nor does Steven Quinn of that district exist as the elected person. However, Area “B” of the Thompson Nicola Regional District is represented by Stephen Quinn of Blue River. Surely local newspapers should at least be able to get regions, areas and persons correct.
Secondly, you take Chair Gillis to task for a “line of bureaucratic balderdash” with respect to the powers of a Regional District. Surely with your experience as Mayor of Valemount and a Representative on the Fraser Fort George Regional District you should be fully aware of these powers and duties. Both myself and Chairman Gillis have pointed this out to you in the past. Perhaps with your vast experience and superior knowledge you could point out to us the necessary sections of the various Acts we are bound to in order we can pursue them to help us resolve these difficult issues.

Stephen Quinn TNRD Area “B”