Donna Perkins looks on as local author and artist Sheilagh Foster signed copies of her new children’s book “Song to Sadrack” in front of the train station in McBride on the afternoon of Saturday July 4, 2020. The story was inspired by a true life event. The Marsh family raised a baby moose in 1986, and he became a special part of the Foster family as well. “Since that time I’ve felt his story should be recorded,” she said. “With the assistance and editing skills of Abi Ward at the McBride and District Public Library, I was able to finalize the book this year”. Foster used family photos and original acrylic paintings to illustrate the story.
Foster has previously published six other literary works varying from children’s stories, biographies, anthologies as well as her Masters of Arts in Education thesis.
“Song to Sadrack” is available for purchase at the Whistle Stop Gallery in McBride for $9.99, or ordered by email at [email protected]. /ANDREA ARNOLD