by Andru McCracken

Matthias and his mom Karen demonstrate the newfound popularity of the Camp Creek cabin. It’s truly a gem. If you’re planning on staying overnight, book it in advance at the Caribou Grill. /PATRICIA THONI

If you’re hoping to stay overnight in the Camp Creek Cabin, book it at the Caribou Grill in advance.

Patricia Thoni, the president of the Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association, wants to let residents know after an awkward encounter at the Camp Creek Cabin.

“A nice family had booked the cabin through us, and they were looking for place to take the Alpine Club of Canada youth group,” she said.

After they settled in for the evening, a pick up truck drove up to the cabin causing a stir.

“He drove right through and destroyed the trails to the cabin,” said Thoni.

Thoni wants to make two points: one book the cabin in advance for overnight stays, and secondly, don’t drive on the cross-country ski trails.

Though they had the next night booked, the couple took off the following day because of the incident.

“Day visits are welcome and people appreciate the chance to have a fire and warm up,” said Thoni. “If you want to book it overnight, call and book.”

Thoni said that cabin used to be laissez-faire, but over the last number of years an enormous amount of energy has gone into fixing it up. As a result, use has also shot up.

“People have adopted it,” she said.

If you do get the chance to visit the cabin or stay overnight, you’ll love it. The cabin is well stocked with firewood, has a new wood stove, a freshly painted floor and features cross country ski trails right out the front door.