Dear Editor Andru,
Regarding last week’s article in The Goat about Mayor Runtz and MCFC, again the point was missed. The many people signing the letter referred to in that article were never questioning the personal integrity of the Board members as suggested and I don’t know where Mayor Runtz got that idea from.
The issues are:
1. The Village of McBride called a meeting for June 18 asking for public participation and in their own advertisement said there would be a vote for 3 Directors. When they saw the public may be interested, they quickly cancelled the meeting and came up with a new plan, to appoint.
2. The Board of Directors voted unanimously NOT to enter into talks with a local business that had the potential to create many jobs and utilize fiber that is currently being wasted and destroyed. No one knows what might come of this opportunity, but refusing to talk ensures nothing will. The many people signing this letter you referred to think that refusing to talk is NOT acting in the best interests of the community.

Mike Monroe