By Laura Keil

The Village of McBride issued a boil water advisory June 3rd due to rising turbidity levels in Dominion Creek.

The notice applies to all users of the Village of McBride water supply system. Water used for drinking, washing vegetables, brushing teeth, making ice and making coffee should be boiled for at least one minute first.

A press release from the Village says turbidity is caused by suspended organic and inorganic materials in the water source leading to colored water.

“At the current level discoloration would not be noticeable however precaution has to be taken due to potential hazards with turbidity. Turbidity could also impact treatment systems the Village had in place leading to potential ineffective treatment outcome. Thus, pathogens might survive in the water system. Population at risk includes the high-risk group such as elderly, young children and infants, immuno-compromised, pregnant women and people with underlying health issues.”

The advisory will remain in place until further notice. The Water Conservation Notice issued June 1st is also still in effect.