Attention: Mayor and Council As a concerned citizen of Valemount, and taxpayer, I have serious concerns about you hiring another employee to the village staff. As you have no capital projects to warrant it at this time. The country is in a dire crisis, where the people have no money to pay out. As a shortage of work, I would estimate that 25% or more of the town are not going to be able to pay taxes, because of the COVID pandemic. In the past when an employee quit or retired, you then hired someone and trained them. This should not change. We as citizens of the town think you have enough staff to manage the town as it is. Our taxes are high enough! The people are not going to like having to pay more to accommodate another employee. People are struggling to get by as it is. You want your tax money, but businesses are going broke. What happens then? I would appreciate you putting your efforts more towards, how you are going to help the businesses survive. Not spend more money. Which brings me to the purchasing of a new backhoe. Is that really money that has to be spent at this time? I know at this time that you are trying to stop everyone from going outdoors. All you want is for us to stay home. Money does not grow on trees. We have to work to survive. We can do this best and as safe as possible at this time by distancing. Thank you for your time.

David Craig
Valemount, BC