By Andru McCracken

The Golden Years Lodge and Valemount House on 3rd and Cedar are following the rules made by the Provincial Health Officer according to Chair of the Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society Dee McEachern. As a result there are no visitors and no regular activities.

McEachern said it took some time for the severity of the situation to sink in.

“At the beginning seniors said it’s not in Valemount we don’t have to worry about it, but now they do realize.”

Some residents were concerned that the virus might spread through the ventilation system.

“That’s not how the virus is carried,” said McEachern. “If they stick to their own place, keep their own door handles clean, be thorough about washing hands and not touching faces they’ll be fine.”

“If we do it well, it shouldn’t be for a longer period of time. That’s the hope.”

Asked if seniors were becoming lonely without visitors, McEachern praised the telephone and reminded residents to call their friends at the seniors housing units.

McEachern praised live-in caretaker Rob Hennigar for diligently keeping handrails and door handles disinfected.

“We appreciate the residents are being most cooperative, and we thank them for working together to keep apart!” said McEachern.

She said that the board will continue the Meals on Wheels program with extra due diligence from cooks and drivers.

“The drivers not only have to watch for ice, but wear mouth/nose masks and gloves,” said McEachern.