Doug and Christine Monroe from McBride have had a rezoning application in the queue since May 2019 for their senior housing complex on the old high school site off of 1st avenue in McBride. It seems that over the past year, either the Mayor and council or the CAO have thrown up roadblocks or pushback with the applicant seeking more information on their application that has resulted in my view in unnecessary delays. In my view as a former Regional District Director for nine years in the Robson Valley I can say that delays like this would not have been tolerated by the board of directors for rezoning applications.

So in this instance I think it is time that the CAO and Mayor and Council step up to the plate and expedite this application so the applicants can get the shovels in the ground and have this important facility built sooner than later. Just take a look around this community and ask yourself, “Is this a positive step forward in creating long-term employment for many people in the community as well providing a seniors facility to support the elderly in our community and area for now and the future?” It’s a no brainer and the answer should be yes.

Now is the time to lobby the McBride Mayor and council and to get your letters of support into the Village by April 13th to ensure no further delays take place regarding this rezoning application and that we see this important facility built sooner than later.

Ken Starchuck
McBride, BC