By Laura Keil

An inquest into the death of John Robert Buehler was slated to wrap up this week.

Buehler, age 51, was shot by police on Sept. 17, 2014, following a police stake-out at a remote cabin south of Valemount where Buehler was living with his daughter for several weeks.

The inquest was scheduled to go from July 15th to July 23rd, 2019.

The Coroners Service says inquests are mandatory for any deaths that occur while a person was detained by or in the custody of a peace officer.

An inquest is a formal process that allows for public presentation of evidence relating to a death. The jury will certify the identity of the deceased and how, where, when and by what means death occurred.

Coroner Donita Kuzma and a jury will hear evidence from witnesses under oath to determine the facts surrounding this death. The jury will have the opportunity to make recommendations aimed at preventing deaths under similar circumstances but the jury must not make a finding of legal responsibility, the Coroners Service says.

Recommendations were not made public by press time. Stay tuned to the Goat for our ongoing coverage.