by Laura Keil

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the legalization of pot will remain on track for July 1st, despite concerns from the Canadian Senate.

“We’re going to continue to move forward. We’re going to bring in legalization as we’ve committed to this summer on schedule,” Trudeau said last Thursday.

Trudeau said Canadians are being harmed by marijuana being illegal, as criminal organizations and drug dealers currently control distribution of the substance.

He said it’s easier to access marijuana underage while it’s illegal, rather than when it will be regulated.

A senate committee report called for a delay of legalization to provide more time to create educational materials, addictions treatment and to consult with First Nations on taxation.

Bill C-45 would legalize the consumption of marijuana and also allow Canadians to grow up to four plants at home, though Provinces and Territories may impose their own limits (in BC and Alberta, the limit will be four plants, subject to landlord restrictions, and in B.C. the plants must be out of public sight).

In BC, the legal age of consumption will be 19, and marijuana will be available for purchase at both government and privately-run storefronts and online. Smoking will be illegal in cars, in areas used by children and wherever tobacco is restricted, such as close to doorways.

B.C. law sets a six metre no-smoking zone around all doorways, air intakes”  and open windows to any public area and workplaces.

In Alberta, the legal age of consumption will be 18, with similar ways to purchase it and similar restrictions on smoking.

The cost per gram will likely be around $10, a price designed to deter consumers from continuing to buy marijuana on the black market.