by Andru McCracken

There’s a new physiotherapist assistant in McBride. Jana McMaster and her husband Keith are back in town after 15 years in Kelowna.

And if that’s not enough to float your boat, Jana is adding depth to McBride’s health care offerings.


Jana says her training will allow her to complement physiotherapist Michelle Read’s work. The two plan to work together to offer affordable physiotherapy.

“We wanted a change; we wanted community around our family,” said Jana.

Her company is called R & R Rehabilitation Service. She offers respite and home care, recreation help and rehabilitation. She is a register BC Care Aid and is willing to step in to help give caregivers a break and help with tasks around the house, help make sure people are getting physical activity and going on outings and rehabilitation.

She is working on the rehabilitation part with the local physiotherapist.

She said patients would see Read, the physiotherapist, for an initial assessment and then Jana would help with the implementation.

“That is typically how it works in the city, but it is something new we are doing here,” she said.

It will help free up Read and is cost effective for clients.

“I charge about twice as much as Jana will per session,” Read says. “People will be able to access more sessions.”

Jana said things are already off to a good start.

“I am seeing one client now and did a home visit with a client in Dunster,” she said. “The feedback has been very positive.”

Read is also offering group session physiotherapy at the Fit Pit in McBride, a service that people would otherwise need to travel to the city for.

“We’re trying to provide access to physiotherapy for people who can’t afford me privately,” she said. “It’s for anyone who has a issue that doesn’t have the extended medical benefits.”

For Jana, moving back to McBride was a no-brainer, as she has lots of help from grandparents and a close community.

“It’s a very easy transition, with two young girls. I am able to do the same activities with about a tenth the amount of stress.”

She said there are lots of opportunities for young families.

“We got to the library for Strong Start, and Ready Set Learn. There are moms’ groups and activity groups.”