By Andru McCracken

Meeting on a web-based platform is a great way to get through social isolation, but if you are a senior who doesn’t know how to use Zoom, a web-based instruction manual is not going to help. That’s part of the reason that Robson Valley Community Services is working to set up a seniors drop-in centre.

Jana McMaster is excited to match seniors with students and generally keep people involved in socialization and recreation.

“Zoom is great. It helps keep us connected and we can tune into educational webinars, but for seniors it is still a huge challenge. We are hoping to assist with hands-on learning. How do you teach someone to use Zoom over Zoom? It doesn’t work. We want to help facilitate meetings for folks who aren’t able to gather.”

If successful in their application, RVCS will apply for drop-in centres in McBride and Valemount and have outreach to rural places like Dome Creek, Tete Jaune and Dunster.

McMaster said she has the full support of the Old Age Pensioners Organization in McBride and the Valemount Seniors Club. If you are interested or have ideas give Jana MacMaster a call at 250-569-2266.